Card designed for Chinese-style weddings boycotting shark fin soup. This card is free to use, provided the engaged couple makes a donation to a charitable organization involved in shark conservation.

Shark card in action at Jay & Fion's wedding

Signs created to promote awareness. See the project link for photos of the sign in action!

Original design for a wedding that started it all!

Shark fin cards at Jay & Jo's wedding

Shark card in the March 23, 2011 Globe & Mail newspaper

Shark fin soup is a very popular dish in Chinese cuisine and is a standard item on banquet menus. However, shark finning is an unsustainable and cruel practice.

I aim to educate the public about the importance of shark conservation and why shark finning needs to stop through my illustrations. Though a more realistic depiction of shark finning may be more effective in deterring people from consuming the dish, I decided to keep my designs cute and pleasant – these are for weddings afterall!

For more information on shark conservation and the ongoing battle against the sale and consumption of shark fins, please visit: